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etv DaletPlus provides the platform to fit etv's workflow requirements.

etv News uses the DaletPlus platform for the ingest of all visual material, distribution of content between sites, compilation and storyboarding of footage in low resolution and conversion of low resolution produced content to hi resolution content ready for broadcast. Newswire ingest and text story content is also managed by the DaletPlus system. Ready to air content is scheduled in rundowns where after broadcasts, CG generators and Teleprompters are controlled via DaletPlus. DaletPlus also takes care of archiving operations. top



SABCSABC PBS Radio and SABC News relies on Dalet 5.1e

Fifteen radio stations at the South African public broadcaster currently use the Dalet 5.1e platform for production, scheduling, broadcast and distribution of content between regions. SABC News also uses Dalet 5.1e for radio news production, broadcast and distribution of audio content nationwide. top



NBCNamibian Broadcast Corporation public radio powered by Dalet 5.1e and DaletPlus HD.

NBC Public Radio have been using Dalet systems since the early nineties. Currently they have Dalet 5.1e platforms operating in four regions of the country. DaletPlus HD radio suite is the latest version being deployed at six of the head office based radio stations. Dalet is used for production, scheduling, distribution and broadcast. The NBC will also deploy Dalet Team Revenue. Team Revenue is a radio commercials trafficking and billing system. top



DOJCBS and Dimension Data formed a partnership to supply and support over 2000 DaletPlus workstations to DOJ courtrooms across South Africa. The South Africa Government Department of Justice have close on 2400 DaletPlus workstations deployed in courtrooms across South Africa. Workstations are used for recording audio during courtroom sessions. Recordings can then be accessed and transcribed using DaletPlus tools. top